Story, Reality, Life.

Story shapes our lives.

Stories are everywhere At the office we are story-tellers when we share last night’s adventures and tell sly little jokes. When we react to situations, data, information and proposals we are story-tellers.

We embrace stories that validate our life stories but we tread cautiously when faced with stories that rewrite parts of the stories we hold dear.

To keep main characters of our stories consistent with reality, we accept or refuse personal responsibility for day to day events.

Leaders tell stories to inspire. Experts tell stories to inform. Advertisers tell stories to sell shoes, food and plastic crap. People tell stories to amuse, warn, attract and repel.

As I write this, I am telling a story.

Most people recognize stories told with words but we do not limit stories to words. Our clever, tale-weaving species convey stories with every tool at our disposal. We share stories with movement, music and pictures. When we wince, smirk, sneer, shrug or smile, we expose bits of story and, intentionally or not, influence people who see us wince, smirk, sneer, shrug or smile. The clothes we wear, the cut of our hair – every gesture make and every pause we take tells a story. Parts of our story enter the plot lines of the people we meet.

Story creates reality.

From the moment of our first breath, parents, teachers, preachers and other authority figures begin programming our minds with stories. Stories expand tiny infantile worlds into mature Universes. Unavoidable stories fed to us during our impressionable years form cornerstones of our reality.

Ninety percent of what we think we know we think we know because we saw, read or heard a story. Of the far-reaching, ever-expanding reality our minds embrace, we can only touch fragments. Most reality comes to us not through experience but second-hand, wrapped in stories. When our paths cross concrete bits of reality, we process the concrete against the abstract contexts of our life stories. We display great skill at fitting experience to our stories; rarely do we feel a need to alter our life stories to fit the requirements of experience.

We tell each other the story that Reality creates Story but Story creates Reality.

We are Story.

Our universe is Story.

That’s my Story and I’m sticking to it.

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