Trust30 Day 3: Personal Illusions

What’s one strong belief you possess that isn’t shared by your closest friends or family?

What inspires this belief?

What have you done to actively live it?

Language contributes more than direct experience to the realities people adopt.

Our species is the symbol making species.

We recognize and create patterns. We employ symbols to simplify and share patterns.

We assemble symbols into languages.

Through languages, people project and inherit realities – each reality altered by personal history, made true by personal languages and manipulated by group languages – languages assembled from patterns of symbols of patterns of symbols of patterns and on forever to the beginning of time.

Dislike, hatred and war erupt from clashes between personal realities. People destroy people for using unfamiliar symbols to represent familiar concepts. People destroy people for relating unfamiliar concepts to familiar symbols.

Perhaps this is the conceit concealed in the metaphoric Garden of Eden debacle and the poetic but inevitable collapse of Bifrost.

I do not write to transfer meaning but to elicit response. My fingers draw letters into more than words and words into more than phrases. Punctuation & pronunciation tremble pitch and stumble rhythm for Mind’s ear. Like a maladroit wizard, I weave insipid spells intended to evoke cognitive responses from readers I have not met and cannot see. By calling forth cognitive responses, I alter personal realities. Neither agreement or disagreement matter.

This has been condensed from many pages and the condensing eliminated my broad definition of languages: languages of speech, letters, numbers, motion, music, form, color and more are meant. To think of the language of letters only does not work, at least not for me.

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