How to Read Poetry – Natural Hearing

Hearing as I read feels natural. Truth told, it takes considerable concentration to imagine any other way to read. When I hear words, with inner or outer ear, processing just happens. Context in reading emerges as quickly as in conversation.
Originally, poetry was meant to be heard, recited. We now rely on books for delivery. Most of us read alone but we can develop special voices to render poetry and come close to the original poetic experience.
People with voices already hear or can learn to hear, with inner voices, poetry. I suggest developing inner voices specially for poetry to help sneak past our tendency to analyze; to allow sounds and rhythm of inner voices synthesize, from the poetry, a new experience. In this new, sonic experience, we feel the unique relevance a poem has to us, as individuals. This in direct contrast to the dry, what do poems mean, general analysis and critique of Scientific Style. From sound alone, an arcane acumen emerges, a delicate ken achieved without immersion in theory, metric feet and deconstruction.
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