Fast Poem: #21 On Denial

If I believed that in seven cosmic days
the Omnipotent painted this canvas we call home,

and I can think of no reason not to

I would quake and tremble each time I heard
yet another species passed the way of the dodo,
another victim of yet another madhat hunt
or developing incursion into limited habitation
by Homo Sap Sap.
I’d hide in shadows head down for fear
the great artist might suddenly appear
and demand to know who cut brushstrokes from the canvas
to make room for Mr. and Mrs. Wafflepot,
recently joined by Holy matrimony,
to raise an unnecessary family
in a brand spanking new gated community.

If I believed in Darwin’s theory,

and the evidence is such I must,

If I believed a billion cosmic accidents,
as rare as winning the lottery,
occurred in space through time
to put on this spinning island
a creature as beautifully complex as the Labrador Duck,
I would gasp in sorrow to hear
the luck of not only an individual
but the luck of all alike for all eternity
had run out,
that the billion mutations and adaptations
had been erased
to satisfy
status seeking desires:

oversized cottages
where the river meets the coast;
down pillows, piles of steamers
and of course
perpetuation of surnames.

© 2009 Chrome Poet

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