Fast Poem: #20 Abecedary Disciplinary Distractions

A game of Focus vs Creativity
haunting another waking occasion.

Tempting is the Focus pill,
resolute immersion,
idea, goal, deadline, completion,
interrupted only by frequent washing of hands.

Enjoyable the other,
unmedicated Creativity,
bouncing, fluttering thought,
continually dancing like sunlit patches
splattered on a forest floor;
laughing images,
wise, silly, foolsung phrases;
fragments flocked and flying,
shifting, twisting,
conceiving marginal unison
like migrating blackbirds;
like the chaotic paths of branches.

Creative loves sleep more,
a score for Focus.
Sleep, never loved,
an uninvited interruption of too-short life,
though compared to wake,
equally necessary.

What needs this day more,
focused eye
or the frustrating deficit of insight?

To eat a pill
not to eat a pill.
That dear Hamlet
is the question.

© 2008 Chrome Poet

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