Bailout Bankers Day, 2009

Welcome to Bailout Day or as I read in the flyer left on my door by the Our Lady of Creative Cynicism Shelter and Lemon Stand, the last day of The Alms for Bankers and other MBA’s Charity Drive.

Never have those with so little given so much to those with too much. This feels like a genuine moment in history. Do you agree. Let us sway.

Certainly, in some circle of Hell, the originator of FUD cackles with glee to see his concept redefining the relationship between wealth hoarders and contributors in this spectacular, slushy, spiraling way.

We, the people, are like children in a carnival where they’ve threatened to stop the rides if we do not play the midway games. But the midway games have no prizes. If we win, they let us pay for another game. If we lose, they force us to play another game. And they tell us if we stop playing, the rides will all stop. Not one. Not some. All! So we play their games. In the background we hear music from the rides going round and round; rides we cannot go on because we must play the games that keep the rides we cannot ride going.

We are good, obedient children but lately I suspect someone lied about the rides stopping. Even if they are not lying about the rides stopping, I wonder do we really need the rides.

We can always play cork-ball?

On the other hand, what do I know? I’m a genius, not a economist.

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