Fast Poem: # 13 Violet Visitors Drink-up and Ride Star Freckled Quarter Horses Home

Watching the sky at the thinnest edge of day.

Two grey squirrels scurry beneath maple leaves to bury walnuts under the grass.
Plumed tails fidget marking their progress above sea of leaves.

Stillness consumes sound.

Silence, light yet heavy, shadow and light, expands perfectly cool, intensely magic, lingering twilight.

Sense of continuity paints Mind in rare-earth hues of sub-conscious, sensual awareness
… glowing clouds, squirrels, trees, leaves, emerging stars, me
… infinitely numbered nodes of planetary patterns …
Earth and sky connected by gossamer threads, concepts of being vibrating, interdependently struggling toward perpetuity at the edge of one galaxy filled with potential: infinite planets, systems, nodes, suns, skies.

Enlightened moments occur rarely, continue not long enough.

The agitated obligation of day-to-day-to-day-to-day reawakens internal, chattering, bird-dialogue.
Dying within particles of passing time, Faceted-soul whispers Illuminated-Mind a wish
… that sacred moments would last forever.

Monochromatic-Intellect overhears, secures the seat abdicated by Daydream, dims the lights and firmly reminds everyone involved they can wish in one hand and shit in the other …

The steady crunch of material desires filtered for meaning lack luster.

© 2008 Chromepoet
Originally posted October 31, 2008 – reposted with edits

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