Michael, Betty and Good Advice

I heard from someone that Kellogg (the food Kellogg, not the bank) decided to drop their contract with Michael Phelps. Kellogg, one of the movers of our ever-more-toxic food chain felt a photo of Michael holding a bong did not fit their image. Maybe they took issue with the fact that Michael allegedly enjoyed vegetation that had not been genetically engineered.

The photo was published by a checkout aisle rag affectionately known in Britain as News of the Screws.

Good show Kellogg. Maybe if more companies make business decisions based on rumor sheets, we can avoid future bailouts.

Fortunately, one company’s loss is anothers gain. I think a box-cake company should pick up a Phelp’s contract. Imagine tuning into CSI Moosehead Falls and seeing this:



A few customers sit quietly sipping water and cocktails. The TV is tuned to a swim meet.

PHELPS sits in a soft chair at a round table with two empty chairs around it. He is drinking water from a glass tumbler and watching TV with a dissatisfied look on his face.

BETTY approaches PHELPS. She smiles with a bit of the devil in her eye.

BETTY puts her right hand on PHELPS left shoulder. PHELPS looks at BETTY his eyes asking “Who are you?” BETTY’s smile broadens as she looks into PHELP’s eyes.

BETTY (conspiratorially)

Michael, next time eat a brownie

PHELPS rolls his eyes and smiles.



Next time eat a brownie: convenient, tasty and camera phone safe.

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