Fast Poem: # 10 All Request All the Time TSPN, Two-Ships-Passing-in-the-Night Radio

I read and must adjust.
Adopting psychedelic mindSet
I attempt to parse poetic paragraphs typographically flavored
with spice from long ago places.

in the sense it causes wonder,
not confused “I wonder” but smiling wonder;
contemplation of typographic influences
hailing from somewhere beyond time,
or within time but sleeping;
memories and dreams;
passages faintly visible
behind foul fumes;
noisy distractions roiling from diuturnal bonfires,
crusader inflamed;
the handiwork and play
The Perpetual Knights of the Censor.

Stoned, like insects in amber,
ancient memories wait,  
opaque, smoke encircled,
and as obscure as isolated streetlights dimmed by noisy snow;
persistent, trivial, sound-bite winters.

Words lead
to words;
words read at adolescent end;
inception of maturation;
birth of Inner Eye.

Words penned at absurdities edge,
during fleeting moments of liberty
quickly curtailed
by advocates of ignorance.

Straining to find titles
for comparison
In My Own Write
surfaces alone,
wraps all other eddic experiments,
typographically avant-garde wordplay,
and expanded consciousness,
within a single paisley package.

Back at Today’s desk
I note and appreciate
your ever-noble attempt to reintroduce,
for the benefit of readers everywhere,
the glory of the non-groaning pun.

© 2008 Chromepoet
Originally posted October 5, 2008

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