Fast Poem: #7 When Eos Spread Her Wings We Saw We’d Pitched Our Tents On the Shell of a Turtle

Unlike children
we sometimes reject ideas;
not every light-bulb is sacred.
When lips purse to form words
Ur-Editor weighs value against defect;
attempts to predict impact,
long-term effect on reputation;
potential embarrassment
and decides Yea or Nay.

Unlike pen and keyboard speaking threatens finality;
no undo; no rewrite.

brilliant as unfiltered stars;
dank as stagnant mosquito ponds,
from mind
to lips and tongue;
without waking Ur-Editor.

Phrases too honest for public consumption
fly unfettered,
into conversing ears
that hear
unintended insult;
undesired confrontation;
inappropriate offer.

Listeners turn open mouthed, silent,
toward the speaker
who scans the questioning faces
and says


© 2008 Chromepoet
Orginally posted September 21, 2008

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