Fast Poem: #1 Fast Poems

Poetry written journally
mostly editor off
automatic writing
no rhyme
no rhythm constraints
no form to frame
yet intending
more than prose broken across the page.
Random shards:
a beloved ceramic
elbowed while reaching
for coffee
bits of girl
and dog
scattered across hardwood floors.
Intuitive tapestry
language warp
language weft
layered patterns woven
between words
initiates and dreamers
to seek wisps of truth
in aura sativa
smoke light dancing
wordy aroma alluding
to shadowed illumination
between lines
of opinion
behind chanted rituals
of nonsense.
In the next room
a woman in a black dress
nipples like onyx beads
distracting all but one man
tosses coins
to find the secret meaning of clouds
in hexagrams.
© 2008 Chrome Poet

Originally Posted June 2008

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