Fast Poem: #16 Holly Day Lights

I like the bright lights, the pretty lights, the colorful lights
along Main Street on the North end of town
which is not that far from the South end of town.
I have no time for whiners and criers and attorneys who sue to
take them down, to strip our strip of bright lights, pretty lights,
singing sparkling colorful lights strung by volunteers
who gave two days or five to surprise winter eyes,
who sacrificed a weekend or three to mimic ancient ritual
with tiny cold candle fires strung through proud evergreens,
pine and balsam and spruce.
Twinkling, laughing, chaotic, stars
surround maple trunks and leafless branches winter resting,
fill the park with bright light, pretty light,
glowing reflections in the snow lights,
glorious chorus of Northwoods lights,
Holly day lights, Yule lights, keep the wolf from the door lights
all welcoming Winter travelers

© 2008 Chrome Poet
Originally posted December 16, 2008 – Reposted with edits

Wolf at the Door Lights

  • Anita

    Perhaps not seasonal, but this poem still resonates with me. I would have those twinkly lights any night, but then they would no longer be special.

    • Chrome

      I am happy you like the poem. The lights are very special, chaotic laugh in the winter night.

  • ailec

    I love those lights, really the only holly days decorating I do. I think they can be year-round, in some cases—I put up white minilights on the ceiling of the room my kids shared when they were little, on a dimmer switch…when I’d read books or make up stories for bedtime, I’d slowly dim the lights, very cool when the room is dark and there’s just a little inside star shine 🙂

    • Chrome

      Cool. Happy you like the pome.

  • Sharkey!

    Gimme a fucking picture or I’m not commenting.

    • Chrome

      There ye go.

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